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Original Armadillo sprite Remastered Armadillo sprite
Original Remastered
Location Sand Zone
Health 20 HP
Damage dealt 6 HP
Abilities Impervious to missiles
Credits description
Tough missile

Armadillos (アルマジロ Arumajiro) are slow moving enemies encountered in the Sand Zone.

Physical appearance[]

Armadillos have green bodies encased by a beige coloured shell shaped like a dome. A thin horn the same colour as the shell can be seen sticking out of its head. Feet can be seen sticking out from underneath the shell.


Armadillos can only be found along the long strip of ground directly below Jenka's house. This sandy path leads to the Sand Zone storehouse, and multiple skullsteps can also be found traversing the area. Armadillos walk at a slower pace than skullsteps, and move by jerking their body in an out and inwards direction.


Armadillos can be killed with any weapon the player has except for the Missile Launcher. When missiles are fired at an armadillo, it retreats into its shell and takes no damage from the hit. The armadillo remains in its shell until the player stops firing the missile, of which it will emerge from its shell after a couple of seconds and resume walking in the direction it is facing.