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Original Armor sprite Remastered Armor sprite
Original Remastered
Location Labyrinth
Wind Fortress
Health 15 HP
Attack(s) Projectiles
Damage dealt 5 HP
Credits description
Labyrinth warrior

Armors (アーマー Āmā) are a type of enemy Gaudi found in the Labyrinth and Wind Fortress.

Physical appearance[]

Armors have the same appearance as all Gaudis seen throughout the Labyrinth. A coat of blue armour, however, covers the top of their heads as well as their backs.


Unlike the non-attacking type of enemy Gaudis, armors tend to stay close to one spot and do not wander far from their initial placement. When one spots Quote, it will jump in the air and fire a blue projectile towards Quote. It will continue to do this attack until it is killed or Quote has moved out of its view.


The projectiles launched by an armor are thrown in a diagonal downwards direction. Upon contact with the ground, they bounce several times before disappearing on their own. These projectiles cannot be destroyed with a weapon and Quote must be able to avoid them when he approaches an armor. When they hit Quote, they cause 3 damage.