The Arms Barrier (アームズバリア Āmuzu Bariya) is an item obtained in the Labyrinth.

Appearance Edit

The Arms Barrier appears to be a transparent capsule with a green casing on the sides. A yellow triangle can be seen inside.

Collection Edit

The Arms Barrier is found in a chest at the top level of the Labyrinth Camp. To reach it, the player has to make it to the far right at the top opposite the Clinic, where a star block is visible. This jump is not possible without getting a boost, which is possible by taking damage from the nearby critter, using the Machine Gun at its level 3 form or using the Booster v2.0 when the player returns to Mimiga Village at a later time. When Quote makes it to the ledge, he can enter through a partially concealed passageway and go through the door at the end.

Function Edit

The Arms Barrier is equipped as soon as it is acquired and added to the player's inventory. Whenever Quote takes damage that does not kill him, the amount of EXP lost when the player carries a certain weapon will be halved. This allows weapons to level down at a slower rate if the player takes a significant amount of damage.

Trivia Edit

  • After initiating a retry in Cave Story 3D's Time Attack mode, the Arms Barrier disappears from the inventory, but the effect still seems to be present.