Here rests the true Mimiga hero, Arthur.

-- The writing as depicted on Arthur's tombstone.

Here sleeps the noble Arthur, a true hero to the Mimigas.

-- The writing as depicted on Arthur's tombstone.

Arthur was a warrior and the older brother of Toroko. He is first mentioned in the beginning of Cave Story by King, Toroko, and Jack. He is also mentioned by Chako after defeating the Muscle Doctor.

History Edit

Arthur fought against the Red Demon when it attacked Mimiga Village and was acclaimed throughout the village as being a hero. He was killed by the Doctor, before the events of Cave Story.

When the player visits Mimiga Village for the first time, it is necessary for Quote to collect the key in order to gain access to his house. When the player enters the cemetery, they will see Arthur's gravestone, with an inscription on it. The key to Arthur's house is located there.

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