Arthur's Key (アーサーのカギ Āsā no Kagi) is an item in Cave Story. It is the first key to be attained in the game. The game acknowledges the existence of two of Arthur's keys: one which Toroko holds, and the other in Mimiga Village's graveyard.

Appearance Edit

The key's sprites show the item to be a peach colour with a triangular tab and two small teeth sticking downwards, away from the blade. Two thin holes are visible on the tab.

Collection Edit

Arthur's Key is collected in the graveyard of Mimiga Village, at Arthur's tombstone. Gaining access into the graveyard to pick up this item is only possible after Toroko is kidnapped. This event causes Jack to leave his post guarding the graveyard to meet King inside the Assembly Hall.

When Quote enters the graveyard, he is required to walk all the way to the right so that he can jump onto the higher levels and move all the way to the left. A tombstone much larger than the other ones in the graveyard can be seen, with a set of sparkles in front of it. Examining this gravestone for the first time allows the player to acquire Arthur's Key.

Function Edit

The key is only used once in the game, but remains in the player's inventory permanently. After taking Arthur's Key, the player can now visit Arthur's House, which had been previously locked. The door remains unlocked, even after Quote leaves the house.