Original Balfrog sprite Remastered Balfrog sprite
Original Remastered
Location Bushlands
Health 300 HP
Attack(s) Fires red projectiles
Credits description
Misery transformed Balrog into

Balfrog (ボスフロッグ Bosufuroggu) is the second boss battle that occurs in the Bushlands. As the transformed version of Balrog, the player must defeat him before they can leave with the Gum Base.

Confrontation[edit | edit source]

Balfrog is fought in the Gum room, found to the far right of the Bushlands. After the player obtains the Gum Base from the chest, Misery teleports into the room and acknowledges Quote being a solder from the surface. Balrog then enters from above and warns Misery that Quote may be stronger than she is[1]. Misery proceeds to put a spell on Balrog, stating that dealing with Quote is his job. She leaves, and Balrog's transformation turns him into a large frog.

Battle[edit | edit source]

Attack patterns[edit | edit source]

Balfrog makes small leaps that roughly span his body width. As he lands, a petit falls from the ceiling. He hops to face Quote in Quote's initial position upon making the jump.

Each time Balfrog turns around (typically after five small jumps or after Quote jumps behind him), he attacks by leaning forward and shooting large red cross-shaped bullets. After every third instance of the projectile attack, he makes a bigger leap that, upon landing, sends a group of five petit and two frogs to descend into the room. He subsequently resumes his small leaps.

When Balfrog is defeated, he turns back into Balrog and exits through the ceiling in the same manner he entered.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Balfrog is invulnerable while making his leaps around Gum. He can only be damaged at the mouth while firing red bullets. If the player fires at Balfrog during any other instance, they will hear the bullets make a "clinking" noise, similar to the sound effect played when the Basil is hit with a bullet.

The red projectiles deal Quote 4 damage, and landing on Balfrog deals 5. Quote does a small bounce when he attempts to walk past Balfrog, but is able to still pass through him while taking damage.

Since Balfrog is taller than Quote's position at maximum jump height, the player must utilise the fans on either side of the room to travel over Balfrog's head without taking damage.

When Balfrog opens his mouth, the player should walk right up next to his mouth and spam missiles upwards into his mouth. When missiles run out, Fireballs serve as a good alternative.

Notes[edit | edit source]


  1. In the Aeon Genesis translation, Balrog warns that Quote may be stronger than a Mimiga rather than Misery herself.

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