Basil o Basil r
Original Remastered
Location Egg Corridor
Health Indestructible
Attack(s) Moving at a fast pace
Damage dealt 100 HP
Credits description

Very deadly

Floor-hugging flash

Basil (バジル Bajiru) is an enemy that makes one appearance in Cave Story. It is technically the most powerful enemy in the game, due to its high damage and indestructibility; however, it is only encountered in the Egg Corridor.

Physical appearanceEdit

Basil is completely white, except for its eye, which is black. It is about the height of the narrow passageway it resides in. Spike-like wisps can be seen at the top of its body, giving it a flame-like appearance.

Game informationEdit

Basil can only be seen on the lower most ground of the Egg Corridor, partly covered by some blocks creating tunnels. It races back and forth between Quote's position as seen from the player's view. When it reaches near the end of Quote's perspective in the game, it switches and travels in the other direction. Its ground speed is faster than that of the behemoths (enraged), also found in the Egg Corridor.

Basil is the one enemy in the Egg Corridor that is invulnerable to damage. If Quote shoots at it with a weapon, the bullets create a clinking sound effect on contact to indicate this trait. It is also the enemy that delivers the highest amount of damage to Quote on contact, initiating an instant death at 100 HP. Thus, Quote must avoid this enemy at all times.

Limited accessibilityEdit

There are a few instances in the Egg Corridor that require Quote to cross the path of Basil's trajectory. The first is near the start of the game, where a Life Capsule can be seen when Quote exits the teleporter. The second and third instances involve Quote reaching eggs number 6 and 1, to collect the key card and deactivate the force field preventing the player from reaching Igor. Since the only possibilities available to reaching the two eggs involve crossing the narrow passageway, the player requires timing skills that will allow Quote to cross the paths when the Basil is not running towards him.