Bats (バット Batto) are flying enemies found in various areas throughout Cave Story. The first bats make their appearance in the First Cave, alongside critters.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Bats have dark colored bodies that contrast with their two white eyes. They have pointed ears and wings. These wings curve into an outwards teardrop shape and are slightly lighter in color than the body itself. The white eyes of the bats take up most of their visible face.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Bats behave differently depending on their location. Typically, they will be seen flying in a certain formation, in groups of at least three. Some bats in the Bushlands, however, remain dormant on the ceiling until Quote gets close to them, and then they start to follow him. This dormant behaviour is similar to that of the Critters.

Flying patterns[edit | edit source]

In the First Cave, they fly constantly in a vertical direction. When they reach the ceiling or ground, they pause for a brief moment before flying in the opposite direction. They appear to take no notice when Quote approaches them.

Bats may also fly in a horizontal wave-like pattern, emerging from behind screens or the far side of a wall. Bats with this similar characteristic can be found in the Plantation or the Last Cave.

Diving[edit | edit source]

Some bats, when passed from underneath, will dive to the ground in an attempt to hit Quote. When a bat dives, it reveals its teeth and moves downwards until it hits the ground, of which it will resume its regular flying pattern. If Quote continually moves in this situation, free from obstacles, a diving bat will not hurt him.

In boss battles[edit | edit source]

Bats are used as boss attacks in the solo battles Quote fights against Misery as well as the Muscle Doctor. Bats also make an appearance in the battle against the Undead Core.

Misery[edit | edit source]

As Misery teleports within the area, she eventually spawns empty black circles that deal damage to Quote upon contact. When she teleports, the circles become red bats that move towards Quote in a downwards direction. The bats, when damaged with a weapon, leave experience, hearts, or missiles in their place. If they hit the ground, however, they disappear and no items are given.

When the player advances further into the battle, the number of black circles surrounding Misery increases to four, and remains so until the player defeats her.

Muscle Doctor[edit | edit source]

The Doctor uses bats to attack Quote in his second form, the Muscle Doctor. After his solo attacks of moving at a rapid pace around the place, he will pause for a moment. Then, he summons a stream of red bats in Quote's direction. These bats are red and can be killed, as with other bats; however, they do not leave behind experience, hearts or missiles in their place. These bats fly in a horizontal path and bounce off the walls, ceiling and ground before they disappear.

Types[edit | edit source]

Color Picture Location Health (HP) Behaviour Damage dealt
Blue TBA First Cave 1 Flies vertically 1
Dark green TBA Bushlands 4 Diving 2
Black TBA Plantation TBA Diving, clustering around Orangebells TBA
Red TBA Last Cave (Hidden), Throne Room 1 Spawn from the Muscle Doctor and reflect off walls, spawn in the Last Cave and fly horizontally. In Last Cave (Hidden), they fly in a wave pattern. 2
Orange TBA Black Space 2 Spawn from Possessed Misery and fly horizontally. 2
Brown TBA Bushlands, Waterway, Wind Fortress 4 First encountered in a roosting position, their attack is diving 2

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