The Beast Fang is a concealed item not obtainable through normal means.

Appearance Edit

The Beast Fang is a triangular object that is bent towards the player's right. The fang is mostly pale grey and white in colour, and has a grey line that partially goes in to the upper half.

Collection Edit

The Beast Fang cannot be collected by playing the game as normal. Instead, getting it requires the player to hack or glitch one of their save files while at Yamashita Farm.

Freeware Edit


The Beast Fang represented by the sparkle that can be found after editing out the bottom tiles in the pool.

In the freeware, the Beast Fang can be obtained by modifying the map of Yamashita Farm. The player should replace the solid tile below the Life Capsule in the small pool with a non-solid one, which should reveal the Beast Fang entity. When the player visits Yamashita Farm after saving their changes, a sparkle will be seen where the bottom tile originally was. Inspecting it gives the player the Beast Fang.

Since the Beast Fang is found in water, players may need to adjust the tiles or the position of the item so that Quote is able to jump out of the pool after collecting the Beast Fang, as his maximum jump height decreases in water and he may not be able to get out once the Beast Fang is obtained from the bottom.

3D Edit

There must be at least two save files in order to get the Beast Fang, one of which has to be saved in the Prefab Building. First, the player must load a save file and visit Yamashita Farm. There, they should open the Inventory Screen and exit the game while it is still displayed on the touch screen. The player now needs to load the save file that starts Quote at the Prefab Building and allow the inventory screen to stay open. Closing the inventory screen, Quote is supposed to walk towards the bed that is leaning to one side and inspect it. Text would then appear on the screen, allowing the player to receive the Beast Fang.

If the player leaves the Prefab Building at this point, they will be transported back to Yamashita Farm where they quit on the other file. It is possible to go back to the Prefab Building, though not with a glitch.

It is also possible to do this glitch with the file saved in the Egg Observation Room, and inspecting the chest that usually contains the Missile Launcher.

Function Edit

The Beast Fang serves no purpose within Cave Story.