Cave story beetle-1-.gif
Blue and beige beetle sprites from Cave Story
Location Egg Corridor
Health 4 HP
Attack(s) Following Quote
Damage dealt 2 HP
Credits description
A model insect

Beetles (ビートル Bītoru) are flying enemies found in Cave Story. They can be found in the Egg Corridor and Sand Zone.

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

Beetles have a two segmented body, with a head that is perceptively larger than their body. Their antennae jut out at the top front of their head. Their wings are white and shaped like a thin teardrop. The round end of the teardrop shape points away from the head. Beetles in the Egg Corridor look largely the same, though one variation has white eyes, and the other has black eyes. The Beetles in the Sand Zone are beige.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

Beetles are first seen when Quote visits the Egg Corridor. A variation of their type appears in the Sand Zone and later, the Egg Corridor?. They are often together in small groups of two, three or four.

Beetles will fly towards Quote's direction when he is near the area in which they appear in. They are able to fly through certain blocks in the Egg Corridor, in places where weapon attacks may not be able to strike them. When they make contact with Quote, they subtract 2 HP from his health. If Quote lands on the top of a beetle's head without killing it, he may be able to ride on the beetle for a temporary amount of time.

Flying patterns[edit | edit source]

Beetles fly in two different formations. One type flies in a swarm that makes its way towards Quote, following his trajectory. This type of beetle is prominent in both Egg Corridors.

The other type of beetle flies in a straight horizontal direction. It will pause when it reaches the end of the wall before turning and flying back in the other direction. These beetles are contained between walled areas or blocks that prevent them from flying a farther distance. They are found in only the Egg Corridor before the explosion as well as the Sand Zone. In the Sand Zone, the beetles can only be found in an enclosed area near the teleporter. Unlike the beetles in the Egg Corridor, however, the beetles in the Sand Zone will only fly towards Quote when he moves into their supposed path.

Types[edit | edit source]

All the types of beetles encountered throughout Cave Story are listed below.

Colour Picture Location Health (HP) Behaviour Damage dealt
Green TBA Egg Corridor 4 Flies automatically no matter if Quote crossed path or not 2
Blue TBA Egg Corridor, Egg Corridor? 4 Follows Quote 2
Tan TBA Sand Zone 4 Flies when Quote crosses their path 2

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