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Original Behemoth sprite Remastered Behemoth sprite
Original Remastered
Location Egg Corridor
Health 8 HP
Attack(s) Charges at Quote
Damage dealt 1 HP (normal), 5 HP (charging)
Credits description
Charges when angered
Angry charger

Behemoths (ベヘモス Behemosu) are enemies that are only encountered in the Egg Corridor.

Physical appearance[]

Behemoths resemble small elephants without a prominent trunk. Their body is shaped like a rounded rectangle. Two white, right-angle triangles present themselves as the tusks. They also have narrow black eyes that run down in a vertical line.


Behemoths present themselves as generally peaceful creatures in the Egg Corridor. They can be found in small pit-like areas, walking back and forth in between two blocks. When they reach the end of one wall, they immediately turn and walk in the other direction. They do not seem to notice Quote until he attacks them.

If the player chooses to shoot at a behemoth with a weapon that deals less damage than its maximum HP, the behemoth will pause in its position and its expression changes into that of a frown. If the damage dealt again is less than its maximum health, the behemoth will start to charge at Quote, running between the two blocks, though it eventually stops.

Landing on top of a behemoth deals no damage to Quote and allows him to "ride" the behemoth across the pit it lives in, although walking into a behemoth from the side will still cause 1 damage, regardless of anger. Killing one will cause it to leave behind 3 experience points, hearts or missile ammunition in their place.


Behemoths are one of the monsters in the Egg Corridor that do not make an appearance in the Egg Corridor after the explosion.