The Blade (ブレード Burēdo) is a required weapon in Cave Story. It is acquired in the Sand Zone, right before going to the Labyrinth. The blade once belonged to King.

Appearance Edit

The first two level forms of the Blade, when fired, has a pale colour and a sword-like shape. It spins in a counter-clockwise direction while moving away from Quote when fired. The level 3 form has a King-like appearance.

In the inventory, the Blade's handle is brown, with its point being white.

Location Edit

The Blade is picked up in the Sand Zone storehouse, after the player defeats Rabid Toroko. Once the battle is over, Quote is required to talk to King, who lies on the ground close to the exit. King will ask Quote to avenge his death, and as he disappears from the screen, the Blade is left in his place. Attempting to leave before the player collects the Blade displays a message box that tells the player that they cannot leave.

Behaviour Edit

The Blade is a single shot weapon that inflicts one of the highest amounts of damage per hit in the game. Its range decreases as it levels up, but it deals more damage at a shorter range.

The level 1 and 2 Blades are fired slightly behind Quote's position. If he is facing away from an enemy and standing close enough to it, it is possible to shoot hit enemies with the Blade in point-blank range from behind.

The level 2 Blade's damage is spread across three smaller blades. This totals to 18 HP of damage, which is divided amongst the 3 smaller blades. This form can hit enemies directly behind the one targeted if the first enemy takes 12 HP or less to kill.

The level 3 Blade concentrates most of its dealt damage to the centre, with multiple one-hit slashes surrounding it. Each slash deals about 2 HP, and travels farther than the level 2 form. At this level, the effects of the blade will last longer if the user holds down the attack button. If King's ghost hits a target, an impact of sword slashes appears in a larger radius.

Level Behaviour Maximum bullets Damage (HP) XP to level up/MAX
1 Has the longest range of the three levels. 1 15 30
2 A larger blade, its range becomes shorter than the level 1 form. 1 18 (6 per hit) 60
3 A single shot does multiple slashes when it hits an enemy. The amount of damage it does varies. Instead of a sword, King's ghost appears. 1-100 0

Available trades and upgrades Edit

The Blade can be traded in the Outer Wall for the Nemesis. This is made available to the player if Quote brings Mr. Little back to the Little House. The two weapons can be traded back and forth by talking to Mr. Little, but the Blade will revert to its level 1 form if it was previously traded to Mr. Little for the Nemesis.