For the enemy, see Time Bomb.

The Bomb (爆弾 Bakudan), called the Explosive in the Aeon Genesis translation, is an item obtained in the Bushlands.

Appearance Edit

The bomb's sprite is spherical and mostly green. A pale pink stripe runs near the middle of the bomb. A dark curved line sticks out close to the top.

Collection Edit

The bomb is assembled and acquired in the Power Supply Room once the player brings back the three requested items to Malco. The robot then takes the Charcoal, Jellyfish Juice and Gum Base to create the explosive.

Function Edit

After getting the bomb from Malco, Quote has to go back to the Shelter, where Kazuma Sakamoto is located. Interacting with the door of the Shelter while it is in the inventory sets the bomb. The game then shows the inside of the Shelter, and Quote entering through the broken down door.

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