The Booster v0.8 (ブースターv0.8 Būsutā v0.8) is a jetpack created by Professor Booster, originally designed as an aid to investigate the island. It is the first version in its two-part development process. If Quote obtains this item, Professor Booster dies, and the Booster v2.0 can never be created.

Appearance Edit

The Booster v0.8 is comprised of two rectangular objects with a black dot at the center of and rectangular nozzles at the end of each. There is a wing on each side of the device. According to the remastered graphics the Booster is azure in color, but in the original graphics and in Cave Story 3D it is shown as green.

Collection Edit

When Quote enters Labyrinth B, Professor Booster falls in front of him to the bottom of the room. Booster mentions he was teleported there by Misery, then gives Quote the Booster v0.8. Shortly afterwards, Professor Booster dies.

The location of the Booster v0.8 is unknown before this event. In the Prefab Building, Professor Booster's memo suggests he had at least been planning the Booster ever since he was still at the Balcony.

Later in the game, Momorin Sakamoto takes the Booster in order to build the rocket. She keeps the Booster until the player interacts with her after the rocket is ready. The player does have the option of neglecting to get it back.

Function Edit

While the Booster v0.8 is equipped, if the jump button is pressed while Quote is in midair, he will accelerate upwards until reaching the equivalent velocity of Quote directly after he begins a jump. At said velocity, the Booster v0.8 will automatically conserve "fuel" and only use it in order to maintain jump velocity. Quote will continue boosting until either the jump button is released or the Booster v0.8 runs out of fuel. The Booster v0.8 has enough fuel for precisely one second of unconserved boost, after which Quote must land on the ground or on top of certain enemies in order to boost again. If you keep pressing the jump button to keep boosting like the Booster v2.0, Quote won't move upward, he would just stay at the same height.

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