The Bubbline, known as the Bubbler in the Aeon Genesis translation (バブリン Baburin), is a semi-hidden weapon obtained in the Mimiga Village's Assembly Hall. It is the first obtainable weapon that can continually fire when the shoot key is pressed and held.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Bubbline's inventory icon shows three bubbles, each a different size. The original sprites have white bubbles with a blue outline. The remastered mostly has transparent bubbles, the bottom which is completely blue.

The original gun sprite is completely blue with a dark vertical stripe near the pointed end. The remastered is mostly light green with a blue base. There is a dark horizontal stripe at the top of the green component near the handle.

Location[edit | edit source]

The Bubbline is first available after Kurara appears in Bushlands. It is obtained by using Jellyfish Juice on the Assembly Hall fireplace.

This weapon may be obtained at any point of the game as long as Quote has access to Bushlands.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

As the name suggests, the Bubbline shoots bubbles. Once equipped, it has a limited ammunition of one hundred bubbles which regenerates automatically when the Bubbline is not in use. The bubbles regenerate more quickly with each level up.

Although the weapon starts as a manually firing gun, its shooting becomes automatic in its level 2 form. At level 3, the projectiles orbit around Quote as long as the Fire button is pressed. This ability provides somewhat of a shield from enemies and destructible projectiles. Only fourteen bubbles can orbit Quote at a time; after the fifteenth bubble is fired, the oldest bubble will "pop" into a jagged white projectile, and fire itself in the direction the player is facing. When the Fire button is released, all bubbles on-screen will "pop" and launch simultaneously.

Level Behaviour Maximum bullets Damage (HP) XP to level up/MAX
1 Fires small bubbles. 4 1 10
2 Fires bubbles automatically, with added spread. Increased range and ammo regeneration rate. Infinite 2 20
3 Fires bubbles which orbit around Quote as long as the Fire button is held. Oldest bubble launches after the same time it takes for 14 more bubbles to be fired, all bubbles launch when Fire button is released. Increased range and ammo regeneration rate. 15 3 5

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