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Original Bute sprite Remastered Bute sprite
Original Remastered
Location Blood Stained Sanctuary
Health 4 HP
Attack(s) Varies
Damage dealt 5 HP (direct contact)
Credits description

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Hell's messenger

Butes (ビュート Byūto) are enemies that are found in the Blood Stained Sanctuary.

Physical appearance[]

Butes have a cherub-like appearance, with yellow hair and a white cloth covering their bodies. Upon death, their faces turn green.


Butes make up the majority of enemies that appear in the Blood Stained Sanctuary. Depending on their type, they will yield different attacks. Some attacks deal more damage than on contact.


  • Flying - A number of butes are first found in the second room of the Sacred Grounds. They spawn from either end of the room, surrounding Quote. If they hit him while they swarm around him, Quote loses 5 HP of health. Flying butes are also seen during the Heavy Press boss battle.
  • Sword - Some butes do not fly, and carry swords as weapons. They are only vulnerable when running towards Quote.
  • Archers - These butes remain stationary, wielding bows and arrows. If an arrow hits Quote, he loses 8 HP. Unlike most projectiles, this one cannot be destroyed, nor blocks attacks.
  • Red Flying - These butes appear during the final phase of Ballos. They are essentially are a more aggressive and faster version of the standard flying butes.
  • Red Flying Archer - These butes appear during the final phase of Ballos. They circle around Quote and shoot arrows while hovering.