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Original Buyobuyo sprite Remastered Buyobuyo sprite
Original Remastered
Location Labyrinth
Health 3 HP
Damage dealt 3 HP

Buyobuyos (ぶよぶよ Buyobuyo) are enemies encountered in the Labyrinth of Cave Story.

Physical appearance[]

Buyobuyos have an amoeba-like appearance. Similar to the buyobuyo bases, they are blue in colour with a single bright red dot in the centre of their bodies.

Game information[]

Buyobuyos are the attacking counterpart of buyobuyo bases. Found in the Labyrinth past the Boulder Chamber, buyobuyos are spawned from a base when Quote approaches the base. The buyobuyos emerge, and begin to move towards Quote. If they make contact with him, he loses 3 HP of health. At the same time, a buyobuyo's total health is 3 HP.