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Buyobuyo Base
Original Buyobuyo Base sprite Remastered Buyobuyo Base sprite
Original Remastered
Location Labyrinth
Health 61 HP
Attack(s) Shoots buyobuyos
Damage dealt 1 HP
Credits description


Unknown organism

Buyobuyo bases (ぶよぶよベース Buyobuyo Bēsu) are enemies that are found in the Labyrinth.

Physical appearance[]

Buyobuyo bases are predominantly blue coloured and appear dome shaped. Several bright red dots can be seen curving near the edge of the base. A black hole is visible opposite the base.

Game information[]

Buyobuyo bases are found throughout the latter part of the Labyrinth, past the Boulder Chamber. They are attached to the ceiling and ground, and do not move from this position.

When Quote gets close to a buyobuyo base, it sends out buyobuyos to attack him. The player can destroy the attacking buyobuyos as well as the base for pickups. Direct contact with a buyobuyo base will cause 1 HP damage to Quote.