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This policy page is a work in progress and not in effect yet. Discuss changes on Cave Story Wiki talk:Manual of Style.

The Manual of Style provides guidelines for developing and maintaining a clear and consistent format across all mainspace articles. As exceptions may arise, it is not expected that all articles will be able to follow the Manual of Style strictly, but ideally, all mainspace articles should keep to the formats described here as closely as possible.


Articles should use American English spelling.


For components that have two different names across the Nicalis and Aeon Genesis translations, the official Nicalis translation becomes the target title, with the Aeon Genesis translation title as a redirect to the Nicalis translation name. When referring to said component within the article, the Nicalis translation name should be used.

The Aeon Genesis name may be presented in the article's opening text as such:

Official name, known as Freeware name in the Aeon Genesis translation, is...


Bushlands, known as Grasstown in the Aeon Genesis translation, is a location in Cave Story.

(All other mentions of this location should be referred to only as "Bushlands" in the article itself.)

"called" can also be used in place of "known as".