The Cemetery, or Graveyard in the Aeon Genesis translation (はかば Hakaba), is a sublocation within Mimiga Village where dead Mimiga are buried.

The Cemetery is also inhabited by Pignons, Giant Pignons, and after coming back after visiting the Plantation, Mr. Little. In the upper right corner is the entrance to the Storage Room, where Ma Pignon can be fought. The only way to access the storage room is by using the Machine Gun, or either of the two boosters, though it is mandatory to have the Booster v2.0 to fight Ma Pignon.

Plot Edit

Before Toroko is kidnapped by Misery, Jack tells Quote that mushrooms took over the place and he is protecting the entrance to avoid the mushrooms to get in the Village. After Toroko is kidnapped, he goes with King to the Assembly Hall, unintentionally granting access to the Cemetery. Inside the Cemetery are Pignons, a Giant Pignon and the Grave Keeper. Above the entrance is Arthur's grave, where a spare key to his house can be found. The background is black, save for in Cave Story 3D, where a grave can be seen in the background If Quote has the Booster v2.0, he can access the Storage room for the useless Mushroom Badge and then a battle from Ma Pignon. He can also access this room with the Booster 0.8, although when he talks to Ma Pignon, Ma Pignon says Quote has no business with him. After having spoken to Mrs. Little in the house under the Outer Wall, the player can pick up Mr. Little, who is seen as a small mass of pixels moving around.

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