Chaba (チャバ Chaba) is a Gaudi that lives in the Labyrinth. He is one of the only arms dealers of The Island, and runs the Labyrinth Shop. He gives out items or upgrades to Quote depending on his current weaponry. If Quote has the Machine Gun, Chaba will give him the Turbocharger, which will increase the speed of ammunition recovery for his Machine Gun and Bubbline. If Quote has the Polar Star and the Fireball, they can be traded in for the Snake. Lastly, if Quote gets the Spur, he can teleport back to the Labyrinth and get the Whimsical Star, an item that surrounds him and deals damage to enemies that it hits.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Chaba's Halloween skin makes him appear to be one of the titular Aliens from the Alien movie franchise; specifically, the Alien who was injured by a metal net in Alien vs. Predator and gained a grid-shaped pattern of scars on its head.
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