Chako, known as Chaco in the Aeon Genesis translation (チャコ Chako), is a Mimiga who lives in Bushlands. She wears ribbons, lipstick, and possibly hair dye, considering that most of her fur is a bright lilac color instead of white fur like Mimiga usually have.

When Quote looks at Chako's fireplace, she will walk over to her bed and explain that Quote will need to use Jellyfish Juice to douse the fire if he wants to go through it. She says that he can get some juice by hunting the big jelly.

Chako is later captured by the Doctor, along with the other Mimigas. After the Doctor is defeated, she flees the island in the helicopter, along with Santa. The two of them are seen again in the Sakamotos' laboratory.

Rouge/Lipstick[edit | edit source]

Chako's Rouge o.png

An item called Chako's Rouge (Chaco's Lipstick in the Aeon Genesis translation) can be found when entering Chako's house. If Santa's house has been visited, examining her fireplace and then immediately sleeping in her bed will make the item appear in the player's inventory. Chako will also be seen asleep on the bed and will awaken if Quote reenters her house.

This can only happen while Chako is still standing next to the fireplace. If the player has already spoken to her and they leave and reenter her house, she will be back at her normal spot, and the item can no longer be obtained, even after going to rest.

Red lipstick from Chako. It has no use.

Red lipstick.
It has no use.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After the battle with the Doctor and the Muscle Doctor, speaking to Chako twice will cause her to mention how Quote is heroic, like Arthur, which causes hearts to appear above the other Mimigas' heads. It is the only way to replenish health before the Undead Core battle other than the Life Pot.

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