I don't believe that Doctor! Robots?!? WHATEVER!!! I'm not scared even a tiny bit...

-- Chie to Quote while wearing the Mimiga Mask

I don't believe a word that Doctor says! Robots? Nyah! Like that's supposed to scare me.

-- Chie to Quote while wearing the Mimiga Mask

Chie (チエ Chie) is a young Mimiga who is looked after by her grandfather, Zett, in the Plantation storehouse. It is unknown where they lived before they were captured and put to work by the Doctor.

While most of the Plantation's workers look up to the Doctor, Chie does not trust him or his story about the Mimiga needing to grow Red Flowers to fend off an incoming attack from killer robots. Despite this, she still obeys the command to not speak with humans and ignores Quote unless he is wearing a Mimiga Mask.

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