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Original Critter sprite Remastered Critter sprite
Original Remastered

Health 2-10 HP
Attack(s) Varies
Damage dealt 1-6 HP
Located in
First Cave Egg Corridor Bushlands Labyrinth Waterway Last Cave Black Space

Critters (クリッター Kurittā) are recurring enemies in Cave Story, making frequent appearances in various locations throughout the game. They are also one of the first enemies to be encountered when the player starts a new game.


Critters seem to have a gelatinous appearance, with a round, uneven shape. They possess white round ear tufts. They have a small indent that separates their bottom part into two halves. Two eyes are prevalent at the top of their face area as vertical black lines. A short horizontal black line forms an implied mouth or nose below the eyes.

Critters are colored according to the location they are in. This indicates their attacks, as well as the amount of damage dealt to Quote.


Critters appear to be at rest when Quote is quite a distance away from them. They are sometimes hidden behind signs or partly into the ground; such is the case with aqua critters in the Egg Corridor or Power Critters in Bushlands. In some cases, critters may notice Quote when he is directly below them, and will start to hop in his direction.

When killed, critters leave behind experience, hearts or, if the player has the Missile Launcher, missiles.

Contact with a critter will cause Quote to lose some health, and may also move him in an upwards direction. This may be used by players as a way of boosting Quote up a ledge unreachable by jumping, like the passageway to reaching the Arms Barrier in the Labyrinth.


A critter's attack depends on its type, denoted by colour and location. Most critters, when approached, move by hopping in smaller increments towards Quote. Others may be capable of shooting bullets or flying longer distances.


Below are the types of critters encountered in Cave Story.

Color Sprite Location Health (HP) Behaviour when approached Damage dealt
Blue Critter o.png First Cave 2 Hops in small increments towards Quote. 1
Green Green critter o.png Bushlands, Waterway 4 Propels in the air, following Quote, tries to land on him. 3 (landing), 2 (contact)
Aqua Aqua critter o.png Egg Corridor, Egg Corridor?, Drafty Cave 4 Hops in small increments towards Quote, often hides behind objects. 5
Purple Purple critter o.png Labyrinth, Bottom of the Island 10 Flies in the air for a brief period of time, firing bullets in Quote's general direction. 3 (landing), 8 (hovering), 5 (bullets), 2 (contact)
Red Red critter o.png Last Cave, Last Cave (Hidden) 6 Hops in small increments towards Quote. 6
Orange Orange critter o.png Black Space 2 Hops towards Quote higher than other critters, fall off-screen after a few hops, spawned in hordes by Possessed Misery. 2
Brown Brown critter .png Wind Fortress 5 Leap and propel themselves towards Quote. 3 (landing), 2 (contact)