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Original Crow sprite Remastered Crow sprite
Original Remastered
Location Sand Zone
Health 20 HP
Damage dealt 4 HP
Abilities Chases Quote when shot
Credits description
Sand Zone hunter

Crows (クロウ Kurou) are enemies found only in the Sand Zone of Cave Story.

Physical appearance[]

Crows are green, parrot-like creatures with grey beaks and circular red eyes. The top portion of their bodies sports a lighter shade of green than the bottom.


Crows are seen in numerous groups, flying in open spaces on the path leading to the Sand Zone Warehouse. Their heads constantly face towards the player's position, and they move within a small specified area.

Crows will not react upon seeing Quote approach when they turn to face him. Rather, Quote must inflict damage on the crows to arouse a response. When a crow is shot at, it will make its way towards Quote, rebounding when it hits him. Crows do not always take the direct path to Quote, which may cause some of them to try and approach him from the bottom of floating platforms or pillars, where many of them are located. Because crows cannot cross through solid surfaces, they will rebound off them until they are in open space and can fly towards Quote.

Other placements[]

A crow carrying a skullhead

On the sandy strip below Jenka's house, crows will be seen holding skullheads. These crows fly in a constant vertical direction, and do not fly towards Quote immediately when shot at. The crow and skullhead are two separate enemies, so if one is killed first, the other becomes a free moving enemy. In the case of the skullhead being destroyed, the crow will act as though it has been attacked, and will fly towards Quote until the player defeats it.

Player defense[]

A group of crows may block some pathways within the Sand Zone, making it almost necessary to kill some or all without taking any damage. A crow will fly towards Quote when shot at, and will stop briefly if shot at again while in motion. This behaviour does not stop until Quote kills the crow.

When facing a group of crows, a long range weapon can provide the player with some successful hits. Some weapons, like the level 3 Bubbler, create a defense of white bubbles that decrease the likelihood of attacks hitting Quote. Such defense can be used when fending off crows, as their larger numbers, compared to that of other enemies, may be able to attack Quote from different angles simultaneously.