Curly's Air Tank (カーリーのボンベ Kārī no Bonbe) is an item acquired in the Labyrinth.

Appearance Edit

The item itself appears to be a long rectangular object with a smaller green rectangle sticking out on its right side. A vertical red stripe partially runs down from the top on the left side of the item.

Collection Edit

Curly's Air Tank is given to Quote in the Core room after defeating the Core. Upon the boss' defeat, the water level rises all the way to the top of the screen, making it impossible for Quote to come up for air. As his air meter decreases, Curly will be seen with her back facing the player. The screen fades upon Quote's air level reaching 0, and he is given the air tank shortly after leaving her to drown, though it is possible to save her if you have the Tow Rope.

Function Edit

The air tank is automatically equipped and can be seen in use as soon as the screen fades in following Quote losing consciousness. A clear bubble encases Quote, allowing him to breathe while submerged underwater. This bubble appears whenever Quote enters water, even if his head is not covered. With the air tank, Quote no longer has an air meter and can stay underwater for an infinite amount of time. It is no longer possible to die from drowning after obtaining this item.