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Curly's Panties, known as Curly's Underwear in the Aeon Genesis translation (カーリーのパンツ Kārī no Pantsu), are an optional item in the Sand Zone.


In the original game, Curly's Panties appear to be traditional bikini-cut underwear. In the updated graphics, they appear to be side-tie style. Both versions are green with a red insignia in the shape of a heart in the original and ribbon in the updated.


Curly's Panties are found in the Side Room within the Sand Zone Residence. Invisible to the player, getting this item requires Quote to jump through the protruding part of the wall that is at the top left corner of the door. They must then navigate around the top right and fall down to the other side of the room, where the panties can be found by pressing the interact key at the bottom. Using the Map System allows the player to see the hidden passageway. When Quote jumps in one of the narrow passages, effects can also be seen to indicate his position.


In the freeware version of Cave Story, the panties are solely a hidden item that serves no purpose to the game's main plot. Once collected, they remain in the player's inventory for the rest of the game.

Finding Curly's Panties in Cave Story+ as well as the WiiWare and 3DS versions (excluding Cave Story 3D) unlocks Curly Story. If the player finds the panties in Curly Story, they will be labeled "Your Panties" in the inventory.


  • The Japanese version describes Curly's Panties as "浅黄色," which can be interpreted as either "light yellow" or "pale blue-green." Each translation has translated it as green in keeping with the sprite, which is most likely green because of color palette limitations.