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Curly Story is an alternate mode in Cave Story, exclusively available on the WiiWare, Cave Story+, Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo 3DS download versions of the game, excluding Cave Story 3D. Curly Brace is introduced in place of Quote's original role and would take on sequences performed by the player.

Unlike Quote, Curly has visible dialogue and verbally interacts with other characters regularly. As a result, she often speaks in second-person when referring to or speaking to Quote.

To unlock this mode in Cave Story+, the player has to find Curly's Panties.


  • Despite remaining relatively silent, Quote speaks a line after Curly feeds him Ma Pignon: "Curly! It's me, Quote!"
  • Some minor dialogue changes are also present (i.e. Toroko says "You brat!" instead of "You jerk!" when encountered in the shack).
  • The original idea to play as Curly Brace was credited to Efraim Siounis who made a patch for the original Pixel game.[1]
  • In the 3DS eShop version you can play Easy, Normal and Hard Mode.
  • In Cave Story+ (Steam version) most achievements will not be recorded if completed as Curly.
    Curly Story Difficulty Select

    Difficulty menu of Curly Story (eShop)



  1. Long time ago, Efraim Siounis created a Patch that let you to play as Curly Brace in the Original Cave Story (Quote taking her place). But the patch have some problems, like some few incorrect text and some few graphics glitches, and Quote's Face Box, an edit of Curly's Face Box, while a good job, it's still looked like Curly. - Jay City, Cave Story Tribute Site Forums