Daisuke Amaya

Daisuke Amaya (known as Pixel) is a Japanese independent video game developer, best known for developing the freeware title Cave Story alone over a five year period. He released the game in 2004 and licensed it to Nicalis for port and remake development around 2009. Amaya also played a direct role in the development of Cave Story 3D and perhaps others,[1] but he stated in 2014 that he wishes to avoid working with publishers in the future.[2]

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Pixel's most popular work was Cave Story. The game received widespread praise from critics, and in July 2006 appeared at the top of Super PLAY's list of the 50 best freeware games of all time.

Pixel's other works include the game Ikachan, which he released in 2000. In 2014 he released Kero Blaster on the iOS App Store. Pixel was also credited for the story concept of Nicklas Nygren's NightSky.

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