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Original Droll sprite Remastered Droll sprite
Original Remastered
Location Plantation
Health 64 HP
Attack(s) Fires projectiles
Credits description
Born of earth

Drolls (ドロール Dorōru) are a race of creatures, found mainly in the Plantation. Most of them appear as enemies in Cave Story.

Physical appearance[]

Drolls have brown bodies with a green outfit draped over them. They have white eyes and dark brown mouth.

Game information[]

Drolls are found standing on the ground among the numerous gardens in the Plantation. They will always turn to face Quote, but do not attack Quote unless he causes them damage. Direct contact with an enemy droll subtracts health.

If the player does damage a droll, either by means of an attack or the Whimsical Star, the droll will leap several times, throwing multiple projectiles while in the air. These projectiles are indestructible and bounce along the ground several times before disappearing. They soon remain stationary shortly after.

NPC appearances[]

Two non-attacking drolls can be found in the Plantation. One is found in the Teleporter Room, next to a teleporter leading to Arthur's House. This droll does not speak to Quote when interacted with, and cannot be killed. Its only response to Quote's actions is when Quote attempts to teleport to Arthur's house, of which the droll identifies him as a killer robot and captures him. The other droll is Numahachi.