Egg Fish
Egg Fish o Egg Fish r
Original Remastered
Location Mimiga Village
Health 2 HP
Attack(s) N/A
Damage dealt 1 HP
Credits description

Only one

There's only one

The Egg Fish, known as the Chinfish in the Aeon Genesis translation (チンギョ Chingyo), is an enemy that can only be found in the Reservoir of Mimiga Village.

Physical appearanceEdit

The egg fish has an oval-shaped body, with a triangle-shaped tail. Its entire body is coloured orange, his underbelly a lighter shade than the rest.

The egg fish also has two nearly closed eyes that are white with black pupils. Its mouth is also black, and stretches across his face as a straight line.

Game informationEdit

Only one egg fish is present in the entirety of Cave Story. It can be found in the Reservoir, underneath the platform where Kanpachi fishes from at the start of the game. The egg fish remains stationary throughout, making subtle vertical motions in the water. Upon contact, Quote will lose 1 HP of health. The egg fish's health is equal to 2 HP, and unlike many enemies in Cave Story, it does not leave behind any items when it is destroyed.

Related achievementsEdit

  • In Cave Story+, players can earn the Fish Preserve achievement by beating the game without killing the fish.

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