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Fire Whirl
Original Fire Whirl sprite Remastered Fire Whirl sprite
Original Remastered
Location Labyrinth
Health 50 HP
Attack(s) Ball of fire
Damage dealt 5 HP
Credits description
Fiery fan

The Fire Whirl, known as the Fire Whirrr in the Aeon Genesis translation (ファイアブーン Faiabūn), is an enemy which appears only in the Labyrinth and Outer Wall 2 (Nemesis Challenge).

Physical appearance[]

Fire whirls are shaped like a wheel. They are coloured blue, with a bright orange-red "eye" in the centre of the wheel. This eye has a black pupil inside of it. Blue "spokes" branch out from this eye, stretching to the edge of its wheel shape. It has blades like that of a fan.


Fire whirls are found in the Labyrinth area past the Boulder Chamber, when Quote is accompanied by Curly for the first time. They are often spread out from one another and usually grouped amongst other enemies.


Fire whirls hover in the air and face a single direction for the entire duration of their appearance. When Quote is approaching one, it attacks him by launching a ball of fire which swirls into a ring-like appearance. This ball of fire inflicts 5 damage to Quote.

Fire whirls will not turn to face Quote if he passes by them without killing them, thus making them vulnerable from behind. Their attacks are also only horizontal and will not cause direct damage to Quote if he attacks them from above or below.

Upon being killed, fire whirls leave behind one large experience point, a bundle of missile ammunition or a bundle of hearts.