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The First Cave (最初の洞窟 Saisho no Doukutsu) is the starting location of Cave Story. Affected by amnesia, the player character, Quote, awakens at the Start Point and begins to traverse the cave.


After the cutscene with Kazuma occurs, the game switches to Quote's perspective, where he wakes up in a room within the First Cave known as the Start Point. Leaving the Start Point, he navigates through the main part of the cave to take the Polar Star from the Hermit Gunsmith's abode, then retraces his steps past the Start Point.


The First Cave is located above Mimiga Village at a high enough place that Quote cannot reach by jumping alone. A few scattered blocks can be found fixed in the air below the door that connect the two places.


Once Quote has left the First Cave, he cannot return to it unless he has obtained a Booster or the Machine Gun. However, if the player does this before receiving a Booster and visits the Hermit Gunsmith's abode, they will see a sign that reads "Out".



  • Start Point - This contains a save disk, and is where Quote first wakes up.
  • Hermit Gunsmith's abode - A room entered through what appears to be a creature's mouth; it is where the Polar Star is obtained.


Only three types of enemies can be found in the First Cave. Most frequently, bats and critters are encountered, each a dark blue colour. These enemies deal one of the least amounts of damage and have one of the lowest values of health in the entire game.

  • Bats - A flying enemy that moves in the vertical direction.
  • Critters - Enemies that remain still until approached, when they will hop towards Quote.
  • The Door - A possessed door; when Quote is close to it, it reveals an "eye". This enemy must be killed in order to proceed through to Mimiga Village.

Items and weaponry[]

  • Polar Star - A required weapon; it fires a single shot with the press of the shoot key. As the gun levels up, its shots will look different.
  • Spur - Can be acquired from the Hermit Gunsmith by returning the Polar Star. This gun is charged by pressing and holding the shoot key, then releasing to shoot.

Cameo appearances[]

  • Quote can be seen jumping around in the First Cave on an arcade machine during an episode of the television program The Suite Life on Deck.



3D looks[]