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Original Flowercub sprite Remastered Flowercub sprite
Original Remastered
Location Sand Zone
Health 1 HP
Damage dealt 1 HP
Abilities Hopping
Credits description

Toroko's Flowercub

From Frenzied Toroko

Flowercubs (ハナカブ Hanakabu) are enemies encountered in the Warehouse.

Physical appearance[]

Flowercubs have yellow, round petals with a circle green centre. There are two small green leaves that are positioned underneath the petals.


Flowercubs are only found in the Warehouse of the Sand Zone during the Rabid Toroko battle. As Rabid Toroko moves around the level, she throws a block in Quote's direction. When this block hits the ground, a flowercub will spawn from where the block landed. In the case where Toroko throws a block while standing on the ground, a flowercub does not generate since it hits the wall instead.


Flowercubs hop in small increments along the ground until they are destroyed. They do not attack Quote, but cause damage equal to 1 HP on contact. Likewise, the flowercubs themselves take 1 HP to kill. Upon death, experience, hearts or missile ammunition is left in their place. This is the only way to obtain pickups during the boss battle.