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Original Frog sprite Remastered Frog sprite
Original Remastered
Original sprite Remastered sprite
Original Remastered
Location Bushlands
Health 10 HP
Damage dealt 3 HP
Credits description

Big croaker

Tiny frog

Frogs (フロッグ Furoggu) are enemies in the Bushlands.

Physical appearance[]

Frogs are green with a tint of blue to them. They have pale white underbellies and cheeks, and some white surrounding their black slit eyes. The mouth appears as a horizontal line running the width of the underbelly.


Frogs are positioned on the ground in various areas throughout the main part of the Bushlands. They do not move until they see Quote. Upon seeing him, will begin hopping towards him until they reach his place. If they make contact with Quote, they cause damage equal to 3 HP.

Frogs can be killed with any weapon, and leave pickups behind when their damage intake is 10 HP or more.


During the boss battle with Balfrog, a smaller version of the frog falls from the ceiling every time Balfrog lands after leaping. These frogs are called "petit" (プチ Puchi), or "puchi" in the Aeon Genesis translation. They cannot be found in any other areas of the Bushlands aside from the Gum room. Their behaviour is identical to that of the larger frogs, of which they jump towards Quote when they see him. The damage Quote takes from hitting a petit, however, is 1 HP, and the petit's health is 2.

Other appearances[]

  • In the Jukebox, the track for "On to Grasstown" has the sprite of a frog on it.