The Gum Base is an item found in the Bushlands.

Appearance Edit

The Gum Base is a rectangular object that appears to be encased in a silver wrapping. A pink layer covers most of the silver component, with a white covering on the pink layer that extends to the side.

Collection Edit

The Gum Base is found in a chest in the Gum room. To enter, the player must first obtain the Gum Key from Kazuma Sakamoto because the door is locked. Upon opening the chest, the Gum Base is given to Quote. The player must defeat Balfrog, who appears in the room after collecting the item, before Quote is permitted to exit.

Function Edit

Like the Charcoal, the Gum Base is not used directly by the player. When the player has the Jellyfish Juice, Charcoal and Gum Base in their inventory, they can talk to Malco in the Power Supply Room to hand these items over and have the bomb made. The Gum Base disappears from the player's inventory once the bomb is created.

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