The Gum Key (ガムカギ Gamu Kagi) is the third key that can be found in the Bushlands, after Santa's and the Rusty Key.

Appearance Edit

The key is silver with a round tab. It is attached to a pink tag that is similar in appearance to the Gum Base.

Collection Edit

The Gum Key is obtained from Kazuma Sakamoto at the Shelter after talking to Malco proceeding the first Balrog fight in the Power Supply Room. If Quote checked the Shelter's door before talking to Malco, Malco would offer to make a bomb to help him blow it down. Following this, the player needs to go back to the Shelter to talk to Kazuma through the crack on the wall. As Kazuma listens to the necessary materials needed to make the explosive, he will hand over the Gum Key, which was hanging on the wall.

Function Edit

The Gum Key is required to gain access to the Gum room, found at the far right of the Bushlands. Once used, it is kept in the player's inventory and serves no other purpose.

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