Heavy Press
Original Heavy Press sprite Remastered Heavy Press sprite
Original Remastered
Location Blood Stained Sanctuary B3
Health 700 HP

The Heavy Press (ヘヴィプレス Hevipuresu) is the first boss encountered in the Blood Stained Sanctuary.

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

The Heavy Press has the same appearance as the smaller presses, but is much larger in size and has a cannon directly below its eye that is slightly protruding to meet the corners of the uneven bottom side.

Confrontation[edit | edit source]

The Heavy Press is found in Blood Stained Sanctuary B3, the longest of the three rooms in the Blood Stained Sanctuary. It rests in an enclosed area, concealed by blocks. To commence the boss battle, the player has to guide Quote and Curly to the center of the area.

Battle[edit | edit source]

Attack patterns[edit | edit source]

The Heavy Press starts its attack by firing a lightning bolt straight down. At the same time, from the two blocks in the corners of the area, Rollings will emerge. The Heavy Press fires the white lightning bolt periodically while Butes are continuously spawned from either sides of the floor.

Combat[edit | edit source]

The Heavy Press is only susceptible to weapon damage at its center, where it fires lightning bolts. The player must hit this part to deplete the Heavy Press' health meter, but at the same time avoid the rollings and Butes from hitting Quote. Each lightning bolt deals 10 damage, and Butes do 5, as both types of enemies normally inflict throughout their appearance in the Blood Stained Sanctuary.

As the Heavy Press loses health, the blocks covering it gradually disappear until it is fully revealed upon defeat.

Post-battle[edit | edit source]

Once the Heavy Press loses all its HP and is completely exposed, all Butes cease to spawn from their regular positions (Rollings will disappear however Butes that already spawn will not). There is a brief pause before the Heavy Press crashes down onto the blocks below, leaving a path for the player. As should be expected, being crushed between the floor and Heavy Press will instantly kill Quote, and force the player to restart the Blood Stained Sanctuary from the beginning.

A hit from an enemy can be taken after defeating the Heavy Press, making Quote temporarily immune to damage and allowing him to stand under the Heavy Press as it breaks the ground below; this is useful for speedruns.

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