A list of known humans that appear in Cave Story.

  • Sue Sakamoto - The daughter of Momorin Sakamoto, brought to the island, she was turned into a Mimiga by Misery.
  • Kazuma Sakamoto - The brother of Sue. He is first seen in a cutscene early in the game, trapped inside abandoned shelter of the Bushlands.
  • Professor Booster - Professor Booster was one of the researcher sent to research the island. He is a master in the study of propulsion. When talked him in the Labyrinth he will gift the Booster v0.8 to Quote and dies. If left alone in the Labyrinth he will return to Arthur's house and give Quote the Booster v2.0.
  • Fuyuhiko Date - Dr. Fuyuhiko Date (better known as The Doctor) is the main antagonist of Cave Story. He was brought along with the researchers as a medical advisor, although his true intentions were a lot darker. He locates the Demon Crown and begins terrorizing the researchers. His mission is to turn all the Mimiga into weapons of mass destruction to attack the surface as part of his global domination plan.
  • Itoh - Itoh was brought to the Island as the research team's engineer. He can be found in the Plantation, hiding in a small room. He assists Momorin Sakamoto in creating a rocket to boost Quote up so he can face The Doctor. He is turned into a Mimiga by Misery.
  • Momorin Sakamoto - Momorin is the mother of Sue and Kazuma. She was part of the reasearch team sent to reasearch the Island. She creates a rocket, with the help of Itoh, to help Quote get to the Doctor's throne.

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