ID Card (IDカード ID Kādo) is an item found in the Egg Corridor. Its functions are similar to that of a key's. In concept art, the card shows a white tie-wearing Mimiga whose appearance is similar to Igor's, suggesting that the card belonged to him before he ate a red flower and became rabid.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The item, when shown on-screen, lies sideways. It is mostly grey and the end with the grey portion has a triangle with the point oriented towards the side edge. The left side of the card is blue, with a white rectangle near the bottom that touches the grey area in the original sprite. The remastered sprite is yellow and has a red exclamation mark on the white rectangle. A grey key ring is attached to the colored component.

The concept art is similar to the remastered sprite, but contains a barcode, a QR code, text and a picture of a Mimiga. The obverse of the card shows a Sky Dragon resting in an egg.

Collection[edit | edit source]

The ID Card is located in Egg No. 06 within the Egg Corridor. To enter the egg, Quote must temporarily land on the ground where the Basil rushes back and forth. An opening within Egg No. 06's chamber should allow Quote to land on the bottom of the enclosed area and interact with the egg to enter it. A chest is present and opening it allows the player to add the ID Card to their inventory.

Function[edit | edit source]

Once the key card is obtained, the player must guide Quote to Egg No. 01's chamber and enter the egg. Inside, a computer will be seen and interacting with it allows Quote to insert the card. The shield seen near Egg No. 01 then turns off. The player can then proceed through the formerly blocked off area and fight Igor.

Despite its limited usage scope, the ID Card remains in the player's inventory for the rest of the game.

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