GRRRRAWWR... Professor's very important test eggs... Won't let ANYONE near them!!!

-- Igor to Quote before the boss fight


-- Igor to Quote before the boss fight

Face-Igor o.png Face-Igor r.png
Original Remastered
Original Igor sprite Remastered Igor sprite
Original Remastered
Location Egg Corridor
Health 300 HP
Attack(s) Punches Quote, fires white spheres
Credits description

Rabid Mimiga who kidnapped Sue

Frenzied Mimiga that kidnapped Sue

Igor (イゴール Igōru) is a rabid Mimiga first encountered in the Egg Corridor. Unlike most other Ravils, he has retained some level of intelligence and is able to speak.

History[edit | edit source]

Igor was a lost normal Mimiga when he met a professor not seen in Cave Story. He carried on the professor's work in the Egg Corridor of caring for the dragon eggs, even after the professor's death.

At some time later, Igor consumes a red flower, and its effects are already witnessed when Quote sees him for the first time.[1]

Confrontations[edit | edit source]

Egg Corridor[edit | edit source]

Igor is first seen blocking Sue's path in the Egg Corridor. Although Sue is eager to fight him, Igor effortlessly beats her with three punches and takes her to Egg No. 00, ignoring Quote for the most part. When Quote follows him to the outside of Egg No. 00's room, however, Igor becomes enraged, saying that he will not allow anyone near the "professor's very important test eggs". The battle then initiates.

Balcony[edit | edit source]

Later in the game, on the Balcony, Quote is attacked by a Ravil that looks and behaves almost exactly like Igor. Cave Story does not reveal whether the enemy is actually Igor himself or a Ravil who happens to look like Igor. Unlike the Igor in the Egg Corridor, this Ravil is solid and cannot be passed through. Contact with him causes 5 damage, though his projectile attack deals 2 as does the boss battle.

Battle[edit | edit source]

Attack patterns[edit | edit source]

Igor attacks by running towards Quote, either by punching him if he is close enough or leaping towards him if he keeps his distance.

Once approximately half of his HP is depleted, he gains an additional attack of firing white projectiles from his mouth, which he uses after using his starting attack twice.

Proceeding Igor's defeat, the effects of the red flower fade from Igor as he turns back to normal and collapses onto the floor.

Combat[edit | edit source]


Cave Story - Igor

Battling Igor in Curly Story

Igor can be hit at any point during the battle.

Only attacks from Igor deal Quote damage. A punch deals Quote 5 damage, while getting landed on deals him 2. The projectiles subtract 2 HP out of Quote's health. Whenever Igor is not actively punching or jumping, Quote can pass through him and not take any damage (this does not apply to the Igor battle on the Balcony).


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