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Original Ironhead sprite Remastered Ironhead sprite
Original Remastered
Location Waterway
Health 400 HP
Attack(s) Fires red projectile rings
Credits description
Big fish in the island's artery

Ironhead (アイロンヘッド Aironheddo) is the boss fought in the Waterway. He, along with the other enemies seen during the fight, is a cameo appearance from an earlier release by Daisuke Amaya called Ikachan.


Ironhead is found in the Main Artery of the Waterway. To get there, Quote must fall into the current below the Waterway Cabin. While using the current to guide him, the player also has to avoid spikes. He eventually comes to a clearing that, when taken all the way to the right, transitions to the Main Artery. A message box that reads, "Something's coming!!" appears promptly before the boss battle.


Ironhead on the screen when Quote enters the Main Artery.

Attack patterns[]

At the start of the battle, a school of Porcupine Fish swim by as several small and large blocks pass Quote. When the fish reach the far right of the screen, they expand and flash white. Simultaneously, Ironhead comes into view and travels across the screen from left to right. As the fish completely exit from the left, Ironhead moves from the right of the screen to the left, but lingers once he reaches the edge. Ironhead then fires three red rings that have a similar look and behaviour to the Mannan's attack.


Ironhead is damageable at any time he is hit with a weapon. While travelling in the Main Artery, Quote is capable of travelling in any perpendicular direction, but his weapons can only shoot right from his initial position. Thus, to hit Ironhead, Quote must always be to the left of him.

The player should avoid blocks, which deal 3 damage to Quote. Porcupine Fish are harmless unless flashing, of which contact with them subtracts 3 HP. Both forms can be killed for weapon experience, hearts or missiles.

Ironhead's ring also attack inflicts 3 damage on Quote, but contact with the boss himself deals 10.


If Quote carried Curly Brace into the Main Artery, she separates from Quote and begins to drift away from him. The screen then fades to black before reopening at the Reservoir in Mimiga Village. Quote remains in place, regardless of whether the player brought Curly Brace into the area or not.

If Ironhead is defeated without Quote taking any damage, multiple Ikachan swim across the screen as Quote and Curly are split apart from each other. The player will be given the Alien Medal as they return to Mimiga Village.



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