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Health 4 HP
Located in
Bushlands Waterway
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Floats about

Jellies (ヤブクラゲ Yabukurage) are enemies in the Bushlands and Waterway. Unlike the other enemies in the Bushlands, jellies do not appear when Quote first traverses the location.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Jellies have dome shaped bodies that change width as they move about. Their bodies are coloured blue, with a lighter shade near their tentacles and darker spottings near the top of the rounded part. There are several short white tentacles that can be seen underneath the jellies' bodies, and are grouped in several areas.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

Jellies appear in numerous groups. They move in a horizontal direction, switching when they reach a certain point. Most jellies do not travel far, and remain in the same area for the entire game.

Jellies take 4 HP to kill, and leave behind experience points, hearts or missile upgrades when dead.

In-game appearances[edit | edit source]

Bushlands[edit | edit source]

Jellies first appear in the Bushlands after Chako tells the player how to go through her fireplace to advance farther into the Bushlands. To do so, the player must help Santa find his missing key and enter his home. Afterwards, Quote will be told to enter the fireplace in Chako's house if he wants to search for more inhabitants of the area.

When the player reaches Chako's house, they are required to examine Chako's fireplace, signalling to Chako that Quote wishes to pass through. Chako then comes up to Quote and informs the player that passing through the fireplace requires using Jellyfish Juice from the jellies. If Quote exits Chako's house, the jellies will be present outside.

Waterway[edit | edit source]

Jellies make an appearance in the Waterway after exiting the Labyrinth. They are gathered in a single large group, swimming back and forth in multiple currents of water. They are not affected by the currents, unlike Quote.

Variation[edit | edit source]

A larger version of the jellies is also found in the Bushlands. Acknowledged in the credits as Kurara, this jelly is much larger than the others in the area. It does not move until attacked. This large jelly is the one the player gets the jellyfish juice from.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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