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Gonna go clear my head with some fishing for a little bit. Do you like to fish?

-- Kanpachi to Quote in the Rest Area

I was just heading out to go fishing for a change of pace. Do you like to fish?

-- Kanpachi to Quote in the Rest Area

Kanpachi (かんぱち Kanpachi) is a Mimiga who lives in Mimiga Village. He was one of the six Mimiga left in the village upon Quote's arrival.


Kanpachi's appearance is similar to that of the Shovel Brigade's. He has an ovular head and is seen with his ears at his sides. He is dressed in blue attire and carries a brown fishing rod.


Kanpachi is first seen fishing in the village Reservoir. When interacted with, he mentions how Sue Sakamoto was found in the reservoir and that she appears to hate everyone in Mimiga Village. He sees her as "a Mimiga, same as the rest of [the village]."


Kanpachi meets Quote while on his way out to go fishing in the Plantation.

Some time during Quote's expedition in the Sand Zone and Labyrinth, Kanpachi is captured by Misery and sent to the Plantation along with the other Mimiga. Quote encounters him in the Rest Area, and is the only Mimiga willing to speak to Quote regardless of the orders not to talk with humans. Kanpachi immediately recognises Quote from Mimiga Village and explains that he was on his way out to go fishing. He leaves the Rest Area and heads to the bottom of the Plantation, close to the Teleporter Room.

When Quote meets up with Kanpachi for the second time in the Plantation, he allows Quote to take the item that he caught and put in the bucket. This allows Quote to examine the bucket and extract the Teleporter Room Key.

Post-rocket completion[]

After Momorin Sakamoto has finished building the rocket, Kanpachi will be one of the few Mimiga left in the Plantation. He is found fishing in the exact location Quote found him after their conversation in the Rest Area. He complains about the lack of a catch he has been having. Kanpachi's fate is unknown at the end of the game.


Kanpachi has a strong dislike for farming, and prefers to spend his time fishing. He seems to have a laid back personality, and enjoys making his own decisions rather than strictly following the instructions of King, or the Doctor and his goons. He appears to be unaware of the Doctor's plans to cultivate red flowers.


  • Kanpachi is one of the Mimiga present on the NICALiS symbol in Cave Story 3D.
  • Kanpachi shares the same name as the Japanese word for greater amberjack, a species of fish.
  • During Halloween, Kanpachi is seen wearing Darth Vader's armor from Star Wars.