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Original Kurara sprite Remastered Kurara sprite
Original Remastered
Location Bushlands
Health 50 HP
Attack(s) Follows Quote
Item(s) received Jellyfish Juice
Credits description
Queen Jelly

Kurara , or Kulala in the Aeon Genesis translation (クララ Kurara), is a large jelly near the same location in the Bushlands that the player found Santa's Key.

Physical appearance[]

Undisturbed, Kurara is a bright blue seen in that of the small jellies. Her tentacles are divided into three segments, shaped like triangles. She has two red eyes that almost seem closed.

When attacked, Kurara's colours darken. These change back to bright blue temporarily when she is hit.

In-game appearance[]

Kurara, like the other jellies, appears in the Bushlands only after Chako tells Quote that he requires Jellyfish Juice to go through her fireplace. She will be found nestled in the ceiling, above a single destructible block. Other jellies are also seen around this area, along with critters and bats.


Kurara remains partially in the overhead grass until Quote initiates an attack. This causes her to emerge from her hiding place and begin to float around the area. Unlike the smaller jellies, Kurara is not limited to a certain flying pattern. If Quote moves around, the queen jelly will follow in his direction, causing damage to Quote on contact.

Kurara can take 50 HP before she is killed. Once destroyed, she disappears from the screen entirely and a chest is left in her place. It will drop to the ground if Kurara was killed in the air. From the chest, the player receives the Jellyfish Juice, a necessary item for quenching fireplaces. As soon as the player uses their Jellyfish Juice, they can go back to the same area to retrieve Jellyfish Juice from Kurara so long as they do not have another in their inventory, in which case a single experience crystal will be left behind.

Curly positioning to attack Kurara under the star block.


Kurara follows Quote, attempting to close in on him by hovering above. Because she is often positioned in the air, players should choose a weapon that has a long range in air.

Ideally, shooting at Kurara while Quote is positioned underneath the star block will cause her to try and move towards Quote from above, but will be prevented from doing so because of the star block. This saves the player from having to move Quote around constantly to avoid being hit.