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Life Capsules are an item in Cave Story, usually placed in a hard-to-reach or hidden area, that will award the player between one and five extra HP. This number is not determined by the progress throughout the game. If all of the Life Capsules are grabbed, the maximum amount of HP is 50 (55 if the Blood Stained Sanctuary is accessed).

Description: 'A life capsule.' If in inventory. However, this text is not normally accessible. Even if you have it in your inventory, you can't use it in there.

In Cave Story 3D, there is a gradual increase in the amount of possible HP. Most of the new HP is granted to the player by interacting with NPCs, such as when returning a dog to Jenka, Quote receives more HP. Also, there are more Life Capsules bringing the maximum amount of HP to 84, or 98 if the player chooses to go to Blood Stained Sanctuary.


Location Increases HP by
First Cave, to the farthest left 3
Yamashita Farm, in the water reservoir 3
Egg Corridor, to the left of egg 16 3
Egg Corridor, above egg 10 4
Bushlands, in a small chamber above the fields 5
Bushlands, at the top of the Execution Chamber 5
Sand Zone, at the top of one of the towers of breakable blocks to the right of the cursed Sun Stones 5
Sand Zone, in a secret room next to the chest containing the dog Mick 5
Labyrinth I, on the left side of the room, just before the sliding blocks. 5
Plantation, on a platform in the upper left corner guarded by lots of stumpies 4
Plantation, from one of Jenka's dogs at the top of the map, once Momorin's rocket is finished. 5
Blood Stained Sanctuary, on a little ledge at the bottom of B1. 5


  • The Life Capsules in Cave Story bear a strong resemblance to the Energy Tanks in the Metroid series (and the fanfare for obtaining one is very similar to the Metroid fanfare), which serve the same function of increasing the player's maximum health. The Life Capsule design is very likely a reference to or was inspired by those Energy Tanks, as Daisuke Amaya has stated that Metroid "was a very strong inspiration" to him.[1]