The Littles are a family of three tiny beings who reside in the Little House on the Outer Wall.

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Little Man - Left his home for a while for reasons not revealed in the game. He wears a green outfit and has black hair.
  • Little Man's wife - The Little Man's wife is about the same height as the Little Man and wears an orange shirt and white pants. She wonders where her husband has run off to.
  • Child - A third member of the family who is shorter and thinner than the Little Man and his wife. The child is dressed in blue attire.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

The Little Man as he appears in the inventory

When the player first talks the Little Man's wife in the Littles' house, she asks Quote if he has seen her husband. The player can then pick up the Little Man and bring him to the Little House.

At the bottom of the cemetery, the player should be able to spot a small pixeled figure wandering within the same perimeter the Gravekeeper walks in. This figure is the Little Man, of whom Quote can interact with to put into the player's inventory. If Quote meets the Little Man before talking to the Little Man's wife, he will say, "Yeah? Whaddaya want?" and remain in the cemetery.

Once the Little Man is in the player's inventory, Quote can carry him to the Little House, where the Little Man announces that he has arrived home. The Little Man is then seen in his house and Quote can talk to him for the option to trade the Blade for the Nemesis.

If the player talks to the Little Man again after trading the Blade for the Nemesis, he asks Quote if he is happy with the gun. If the player responds with "no" than the trade is reversed and the player reacquires the Blade.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Little Man[edit | edit source]

Instance Nicalis Aeon Genesis
In the cemetery after talking to the wife
My wife's been looking for me?!?
That's probably because I haven't been home in a long time. Fine, I'll go home.
Certainly, you'll take me there, yes?
You say my wife's lookin' for me?
Yeah, you're right, I ain't been home in a while. Arright, time to go.
You're gonna take me there, of course?
After returning home
Home sweet home is the best!
Wow wow. That's a beautiful sword there. How about we trade it for my splendid gun?
Ah, it's good to be back.
Oho, if that isn't a fine-looking blade you've got there. Care to trade it for my fabulous gun?
In the Inventory We there yet? Hey! We there yet?

Little Man's wife[edit | edit source]

Instance Nicalis Aeon Genesis
Before bringing the Little Man home
Where'd that husband of mine go...
Have you seen my husband?
Now where did that man run off to...
You haven't seen my husband, have you?
After the Little Man returns home Thank you for taking care of my wandering husband. Thank you for your help.

Child[edit | edit source]

Instance Nicalis Aeon Genesis
In the Little House Who are you? Who're you, mister?

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If the Little Man stays in the inventory up until the final ending of the game, he asks, "...Aren't you forgetting something?" promptly after Balrog flies off screen.

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