Mahin (マーヒン Māhin) is a large Mimiga who resides in Mimiga Village.

Mahin is first seen in the food storage area of Mimiga Village, where he spends most of the game. When talked to, he usually talks about events in the village.

Appearance Edit

Mahin has white fur and a stunt build. He wears a green shirt He has a long "w" shaped mouth that is light grey and black small squares for eyes, which are placed at the top sides of his face. Mahin's eyebrows are horizontal lines that are perpendicular to his eyes.

History Edit

Mahin was one of the six Mimiga left in Mimiga Village when Quote arrived. Some time after Quote left for the Sand Zone, he was taken and locked in jail no. 1, where he and Quote encountered each other again. He told Quote that Sue Sakamoto was removed from the jail cell a little while before Quote regained consciousness.

Personality Edit

Mahin enjoys eating and is always seen with his back facing the player when he is not interacted with. He always seems startled and unaware of his surroundings when Quote tries to speak with him.

Talking to Mahin twice is necessary to lift the block that barricades the only exit of Jail No. 1.

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