Mannan o Mannan r
Original Remastered
Location Bushlands
Health 12 HP
Attack(s) Energy rings
Damage dealt 3 HP
Credits description
White mold ghost

Mannan (マンナン Mannan) are enemies that can only be found in the main part of the Bushlands.

Physical appearanceEdit

Mannan resemble a pale gravestone, with two arm-like structures and a pair of red eyes. They are seen facing in either the left or right direction.


Mannan remain stationary for the entire duration of the game. Like presses, they do not attack Quote upon immediately seeing him, however, mannan do damage him on contact.

When Quote shoots a mannan without killing it, the mannan's eyes will widen, causing it to let out an energy ring for every hit landed on it from a weapon. The direction the energy ring is fired from is the same direction the mannan is facing, and does not change. Thus when a mannan is hit from its behind, its attack will move away from Quote, preventing him from getting hit.

Mannan 1

A mannan attacks Quote after being shot at.

Mannan are one of the few enemies that do not disappear when killed. While they do leave behind weapon energy, hearts of health or missile ammunition, mannan blend in to the background as a darker, fuzzed out version of themselves. They do not cause any damage in this form and respawn once Quote re-enters Bushlands.

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