So long as you always maintain a sense of exploration, you will someday find the way out. This is my hope.

-- The writing found where the Map System is located

So long as you retain your spirit of exploration, surely you shall find your way out. This I believe.

-- The writing found where the Map System is located


-- The writing found where the Map System is located

Map System

Finding the Map System in the PC version

The Map System (マップシステム Mappu Shisutemu) is one of the first non-weapon items that can be found and obtained in Cave Story. Acquiring this item is not necessary to complete the game.

Appearance Edit

The Map System appears to be a green rectangular device with a blue screen positioned to the left. In Cave Story+ the Map System appears as a blue rectangular device with a green screen positioned to the left.

Collection Edit

The Map System is located in the Mimiga Village after Quote leaves the First Cave. It is contained in a chest that can be seen below the Assembly Hall. To reach it, Quote needs to jump onto a couple of disjointed platforms, one the width of a single block.

When the chest is opened, the Map System will appear, along with a message that is included when initially discovered:

Function Edit


The Map System in use in the Bushlands in the freeware version of Cave Story.

The Map System can be used by pressing the W key on the keyboard or the minus button on a Wii controller. It can also be accessed within the player's inventory by pressing the select button. When operated, the Map System displays a sketch of the general area Quote is currently in.

In the PC version of Cave Story, the map as revealed by the map system shows structures and platforms in different hues of green. Darker green areas indicate buildings and passageways that can be passed through. Lighter green shows solid platforms as well as the location's boundaries. Quote's position within the area is marked with a flashing white pixel.

In the DSi port, pressing the select button shows the map's sketch on the bottom screen, causing the game to be paused in the process. For the 3DS port, it has to be manually selected from the player's inventory on the bottom screen. In the 3D remake, the display is always shown on the bottom screen.